Two Little Boys in the Catlins

Two Little Boys starring Brett McKenzie, Hamish Blake, Maaka Pohatu and Robert Sarkie as Director, features the stunning scenery of the Catlins.

Featuring two extremely funny comedians with a very straight maori mate, The Two Little Boys has now been released in 60 cinemas New Zealand wide.  It features one of the most stunning cinemagraphic regions in New Zealand, an area known as The Catlins. 

The Catlins, bordering South Otago and Southland, forms the backdrop to Duncan Sarkies' novel about an unlikely pair who travel to the region to take care of a 'problem' that has befallen them.

Although the story is rather far fetched, the Catlins and their Maori mate, local actor Maaka Pohatu who unwittingly gets caught up in the bazaar run of events, steal the show.

Not to take anything away from Brett McKenzie and Hamish Blake, the stars had a difficult sell.

What comes out in spades is the Sarkie brothers' deep love of their boyhood memories in the Catlins.

This region is a must visit should your travels lead you to the southern scenic route in 
the South Island of New Zealand. 

You should definitely check out the Catlins!

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