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Founded in 1956 and with a affectionate nickname "Overseas Chinese Home", Guangdong China Travel Service(abbreviated as G.D. CTS) is one of the well know trademarks in China, renowned at home and abroad

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Through half a century’s effort, G.D. CTS has evolved from a travel agency mainly receiving guests like overseas Chinese, ethnic Chinese and compatriots in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau to an integrated state-owned tourism enterprise under Guangdong Provincial Government, which simultaneously develop travel agency, hotels, coach service, and tourist attraction investment management. G.D. CTS has won great reputation for meeting and greeting millions of guests at home and abroad annually. G.D. CTS’s business scope extends to inbound travel, outbound travel, domestic travel and immigration & visa service etc.,



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Guangdong China Travel Service CO.,LTD., 侨光路8号华厦大酒店B座6楼, 广州市, Guangdong, 510115, China.

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