10 Reasons to Take a Road Trip in New Zealand

There are so many reasons why local kiwis and visitors alike choose a road trip to explore the ‘land of the long white cloud’ – here are our favourites.

There’s nothing like the the open road – the wind in your hair; the sun on your face; the undiscovered ahead – and New Zealand’s open roads are some of the best in the world for the ultimate roadie adventure. There are so many reasons why local kiwis and visitors alike choose a road trip to explore the ‘land of the long white cloud’ – we’ve slimmed it down to our top 10.

Well-kept, mostly un-crowded roads

Forget bumper-to-bumper traffic, with the wide-open spaces in New Zealand you could very well be the only vehicle cruising through paradise. With a high standard of roading and peaceful highways, pretty much all of your journey is smooth and stress free (allowing you to crank up the radio and really enjoy the drive).

A new view around each corner

On a New Zealand road trip it is not all about your destination. Our country is best-known for its contrasts and your windscreen is frame to some of Mother Nature’s most wonderful artwork – a dynamic collage of misty fiords, rugged volcanoes and untouched coastlines.

Freedom to explore what you want, when you want

Picture this: you’ve spoken to a local, who has told you about a charming bach they own (holiday home) in a hidden cove – the epitome of a ‘Kiwi’ summer – and has invited you to spend a few nights. Well, on a self-drive holiday, you can go wherever you want, when you want; plus, you can easily alter your plans for the day when you discover local secrets you must explore.

The ability to get off the beaten track

Often the highlight of a trip is that tiny town you stumbled upon when you made a wrong turn or the swimming hole you found on an impromptu hike. The freedom of a New Zealand road trip allows you to veer away from the main route and discover the undiscovered beauty of our natural wonderland.

Well-signposted and easy to navigate

Sometimes getting lost is the best thing that could happen when getting acquainted with someplace new. But when you want to get back on track, the New Zealand roads are well-sign posted and mapped-out – from the big city lights to the middle of ‘nowhere’ – for the ease of travelling.

An intimate family-friendly holiday

A typical ‘Kiwi roadie’ full of sing-a-longs, car-games and epic New Zealand adventure is a terrific opportunity to spend quality time with your family and friends and make new memories.

Choose your own wheels

Whether you want to zig-zag through a river gorge on a motorcycle or enjoy a cup of tea in a campervan as you cruise the coastline, on a New Zealand road trip you can hit the road in whatever vehicle you please, making for a more enjoyable trip.

Mingle with the locals

When self-driving you are free to meet locals and experience kiwi lifestyle in a whole new way: a local hiker could lead you to a viewpoint no guide knows of; the service station attendant could tell stories of Maori legends from the area; a family at the campground could become close friends.   

Cost effective options

Getting to our faraway land can be a costly matter so, to make the most of your trip, self-driving is a great-value option. You can hire vans fitted-out with everything you need – even the kitchen sink! – and stay in camping grounds, or there are budget car rental options if you would prefer to stay in motor lodges or basic cabins.

Take your time

Have you ever seen those tour buses that stop off for just enough time for tourists to hop off and snap a few photos? The classic New Zealand road trip is the opposite of this. When you take the wheel you can take all the time you want to sit and admire the view or even wander out into it.

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