Craters Mountain Bike Park Taupo

Come and ride Taupo's purpose built mountain bike park, a hub for riders of all abilities, ages and riding styles. 55km of trails to discover!


Anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 day


Up to 55km


10 minutes from Taupo


Trails range in grade from 2 (beginner) to 5 (expert)


The network of expertly built trails of Craters Mountain Bike Park provides an unforgettable riding experience for beginners through to expert riders. Trails range in grade from 2 (beginner/easy) through to 5 (expert/extreme) and include a kids’ loop. Highlights include the fun and flowing downhill of Coaster, the cruisy grade 2 Tourist Trap and the grade 5 Cole’s Killer with its big jumps and drops.

Craters Mountain Bike Park is great to ride in any weather as the free draining pumice soil keeps the tracks relatively dry, even after heavy rain. The trails are built and maintained by Bike Taupo whose signature flowing downhills and perfectly formed berms are renown throughout New Zealand.

Getting There

Craters Mountain Bike Park is located in the Wairakei Forest, 10 minutes north of Taupo. To reach the main carpark, turn left onto Karapiti Rd off State Highway 5 opposite the big helicopter and Hub Kitchen café. The carpark is approximately 500m up Karapiti Rd on the left.

Alternatively, you can park on the grass opposite the Hub Kitchen Café at the top of Huka Falls Rd, then ride back across State Highway 5 and into Inwards Goods. This trail starts at the bottom left of Karapiti Rd.

A third option for entering Craters MTB Park is to park on the left hand side of SH5 on the large grassed area approximately 500m south of Karapiti Rd. This entrance will take you in to the Bumblebee, BBC and State Highway Fun trails.

Shuttle Services and Guided Tours

If you don’t have your own transport, shuttle services are available to get you to Craters MTB Park. Services include Great Lake Shuttles, Tread Routes and Chris Jolly Outdoors.

Guided tours of the bike park are also available through Tread Routes, Chris Jolly Outdoors and Rapid Sensations.

All shuttle services and guided tours need to be booked in advance.


Maps of Craters Mountain Bike Park can be purchased from local bike shops and the Hub Kitchen café opposite the park.

Bike Hire

Mountain bikes can be hired from a number of places in the Taupo region. Find a full list here.

Craters MTB Park Membership

To ride at Craters MTB Park, you’ll need to join Bike Taupo as a visitor or annual member. Seven-day visitor memberships are available or you can opt for the annual membership if you’re planning to make several visits. It’s simple to join online, at a local bike shop or at the Hub Kitchen café opposite Craters MTB Park.


There are many mountain bike events held in Craters Mountain Bike Park each year. One of the largest of these events is the Craters Classic, held at the start of winter each year.

Tips from the Locals

Here is some inside info from the locals on where their favourite spots are in Craters MTB Park:

“Outback is my favourite trail because it takes you on an adventure out to the back of the park. It has some good honest climbs as well as fast downhills.”

“Coaster is a flowing downhill track with high berms and smooth open corners, making it the perfect way to finish any ride at Craters on a high.”

“You can’t beat Tourist Trap for a great family ride. It’s long enough to be a challenge for the kids, but easy enough that anyone can ride it. “

“I just love all the trails. They’re all really well built and every one is different. It’s like they have their own personalities – fast and furious, tricky and quirky, cruisy and fun. It’s all there, regardless of your riding ability.”



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