Ski Treble Cone with a guide

Planning a ski holiday in Wanaka? Like the sound of Treble Cone, but a bit worried about the steepness? Just hire a local guide who will show you around.

When you’re looking for an exciting New Zealand skiing trip, do you plan to have an experienced ski guide? It’s certainly something people plan for when they’re going hiking in the back country or heading into a less explored area, but when skiing, people forget how much a ski guide can offer to the group.

Need three reasons to have a guide along the next time you go skiing at Treble Cone? Here we go:

1. Safety

When you don’t know an area, it’s more dangerous to explore it on skis. You can come up on terrain you don’t know well, or hurt yourself and not know the best way to get back to safety. One of the benefits of skiing with a ski guide is that they spend all their time on the Treble Cone slopes and ranges, which means they know the ins and outs of the landscape. If the weather comes in, your guide will be able to safely get you down the mountain.

2. Experience

Skiing, like any other sport, takes many years to master. While a person can become a competent skier taking a few holidays a year, ski guides tend to have hundreds and thousands of hours under their ski boots, and are better qualified than anyone else to help you enjoy your time on a new mountain like Treble Cone.

A local who knows the hill can take your day from average to phenomenal! Going off piste around Treble Cone can be daunting if you don’t know where to go. A seasoned local guide will take you where they know you can manage – places that you would never explore on your own. Let a ski guide find those secret stashes for you and take your sport to the next level.

3. Relaxation

If you’ve ever headed into unsettled terrain on your own, you’ve probably experienced the worry of not knowing exactly where you are, having concerns about whether or not you’ll make it back the way you came, or just finding that you’re suddenly concerned you missed the turn that you needed.

When you head out on Treble Cone with an experienced ski guide, you get to leave all those worries back at base. You’re free to enjoy the experience of skiing through the snow, seeing the gorgeous natural sights around you, and loving every moment of the trip.

The next time you head out to ski in the Southern Lakes, book a trip with Wanaka Ski Guides, who are experienced professionals, and make sure that you and your family enjoy every moment.

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