Waitomo Caves adventures

The Waitomo Caves are a real New Zealand adventure icon & explorers paradise, here are a few top picks to wet your appetite for a real Waitomo adventure...

A subterranean explorer's paradise, the Waitomo Caves offer a range of fantastic caving adventures. The unique experiences on offer make it a real must do on any New Zealand itinerary, so here are a few top picks for your Waitomo visit.

Lost World Tour – 4 Hours

This tour is a journey to a forgotten world, 100 meters below the surface of the earth.  Descending by rope (abseiling) you lower slowly into the void as the environment changes around you. Turning in the mist filtered light there is an unearthly quality to the strange plants and formations of this spectacular subterranean environment.

After approximately 30 minutes of decent (twice the height of any abseil in Waitomo) you reach the bottom of the iconic cave. The beauty and grandeur of the giant cavern of this lost world is unsurpassed and will be a true highlight of your Waitomo experience.

From the bottom of the cavern your journey to the surface begins, through another fantastic dry cavern. Allow four hours for this trip, including at least two hours underground.

Tumu Tumu Toobing

Tumu Tumu ToObing takes you on an exciting journey through Waitomo’s Tumu Tumu cave system, incorporating the best of black water rafting, caving climbing and swimming.

Take on the unique environment of this spectacular limestone cave hands on while enjoying the spectacular subterranean scenery. See unique limestone formations, including spectacular stalactites and stalagmites, created beneath the earth over millions of years.

You’ll also see plenty of New Zealand’s famous and unique glowworms that line the cave walls. A four hour trip with at least 2 hours underground

Haggis Honking Holes

Waitomo's most intense action adventure! Haggis Honking Holes packs a lot of action and excitement into four hours of exploring in a fantastic caving system.

You’ll encounter abseiling (often in water falls), unique limestone formations, glowworms and adventurous climbs

At times Haggis Honking Holes has been likened to being flushed down a hole on a rope – and while no prior experience is required you will need to be fit and brave to get the most out of this must do kiwi experience.

Full equipment and training is provided - there is no swimming involved however you’ll certainly get very wet.

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