A trip on the Taieri Gorge Railway

A memorable trip through the beautiful scenery of the Otago region onboard the Taieri Gorge Railway - definitely a must-do when you are in Dunedin!

For Labour Day, my friend and I went on the Taieri Gorge Railway on a trip to Pukerangi.

I have to be honest, I had my doubts about this train trip because usually I am more the active kind of person who likes to get outside and be active outdoors.

So sitting on a train watching the landscape from inside the train sounded not like my favourite thing to do….but I was wrong! Totally wrong!

The trip was a lot of fun and the scenery absolutely spectacular, so that I would definitely recommend the trip to anyone visiting Dunedin!! It’s definitely a must do!

After leaving Dunedin on the scenic train, we soon left civilisation entering the Taieri River Gorge with its beautiful nature and the mountains surrounding us.

Beautiful scenery and pure nature! Chugging along across wrought-iron viaducts, the train went through a remote location, where no car could drive through and therefore the nature was simply pure.

Absolutely spectacular and an enjoyable ride! And with a few stops on the way and the possibility to enjoy the wind blowing through my hair by standing on the train’s outdoor platforms, an absolute memorable afternoon.

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