Four tips on hiking the Milford Track, without the hassle

Below, we discuss four ways to avoid the stress and walk the Milford Track on your terms.

It’s no secret that the Milford Track is heaven for hikers that love vivid wilderness, but the logistics can be a hassle. Below, we discuss four ways to avoid the stress and walk the Milford Track on your terms.

Well-maintained and easy to follow, hiking the Milford Track independently is a popular (and very kiwi) choice. Comfortable communal huts dot the trail, and the fun of exploring such beautiful landscapes in your own time is compelling. But independent hiking does come with the hassle of organizing all of the logistics, especially transport.

Our four tips below show you how to hike the Milford Track independently, without any of the hassle. 

Vehicle re-location

There’s nothing better than finishing your 53km (33mile) hike and having your vehicle waiting for you in Milford Sound. Fresh clothes, supplies and snacks become incredibly important after a four-day hike! But one of the best things about having your vehicle relocated is being able to stay and enjoy the beauty of Milford Sound, without the need to rush away on the communal track transport. Take a boat cruise, take your time with photos or simply just soak up the magic of this special place.

Transport on your terms

The Milford Track starts at Glade Wharf, a short water taxi ride away from Te Anau Downs. Instead of taking communal water taxi transport at fixed times, why not choose your departure time with a local, family-owned operator. Would you like to set off on the track first thing in the morning? No worries! Prefer to enjoy a hearty lunch in Te Anau and head away in the early afternoon? Then that’s fine too. When you can choose your departure time, you’re able to start the track on your terms, without the hassle of needing to fit in with others.

Be flexible with timings

Some advice from those who have hiked the trail before: Be flexible with timings after the hike. Instead of having to rush back to Queenstown (a five hour drive) the same day you finish the Milford Track, why not leave time to enjoy a boat cruise and then stay either in Milford Sound itself, or in nearby Te Anau? Allowing yourself the time to relax & enjoy Milford Sound is the ultimate way to finish your Milford Track adventure.

Talk to the locals

Locals in this part of the world know the logistics of the Milford Track inside-out. Don’t be afraid to get in touch with local providers to pick their brains about hiking the track independently – their knowledge and advice will be incredibly helpful, especially if you’re not familiar with this part of New Zealand.

For hassle-free Milford Track hiking, you can’t go past Fiordland Water Taxi's Milford Track Flexi Pack. Our package makes transport simple, giving you the freedom and flexibility to walk the Milford Track on your terms. It’s also incredibly good value. The package includes vehicle relocation (Te Anau Downs to Milford Sound), water taxi transport to Glade Wharf at the start of the track,at a time of your choice, and water taxi transport from Sandfly Point to Milford Sound at the end of the track.

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