Sweet treats in Dunedin

British freelance journalist Jenny Green gives her insight into the Dunedin Cadbury World Experience.

There's one word in the English language guaranteed to excite all of womankind (and some men, too) - chocolate.

Cadbury's is one of the best-known chocolate brands in the world and although it's British through and through, it is also produced in New Zealand. Dunedin, to be precise.

As someone with a sweet tooth, I was quite excited to discover that you can visit the NZ chocolate factory (and take home a fair few free samples to boot), so needless to say, Nick and I signed up immediately.

We visited Cadbury World over a weekend so instead of the usual 75-minute tour, we paid $12 to be shown around for 45 minutes.

In this time, we tasted liquid chocolate, climbed a silo to see 1 tonne of chocolate being ‘dropped', received a goody bag with four chocolate bars and had the opportunity to gain more ‘prizes' along the way. We felt like Augustus Gloop from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

The Cadbury World shop is almost as impressive as the rest of the tour and gives you the opportunity to stock up on NZ's weird and wonderful Cadbury favourites, including Jaffas, Pebbles and Perky Nanas.


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