Swimming with dolphins! Bliss...

Just a few hours North of Christchurch lies the beautiful coastal town of Kaikoura, where you get a chance to swim with the dolphins.

What does not excite your senses is hardly an experience. In Kaikoura, you become one with nature when you get on board to greet these Dusky Dolphins waiting for your in the middle of the ocean.

With two departures during the day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, we opted for the the former as the chances of spotting them are higher. As per my talks with one of the friendly staff, most of the times you are successfull in spotting and swimming with them.

Not long after we left the shore we were lucky to meet our new friends this morning. Putting our wet suits and snorkelling gear on, we jumped into the water.

Its a magnificent sight to see hundreds ( thousands if you are lucky) of Dusky Dolphins circling around you while you try to grab thier attention by making funny sounds. Its a tour of its kind and the contentment of seeing these beautiful creature up close and in the wild will remain with us for years to come.

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