Therapeutic Thermal Pools - Egg sandwiches anyone?

Delicious mud bathing...Therapeutic, relaxing, friendly, inexpensive and highly addictive! Waiariki Pools, Ngawha Springs, 'down a back road' in Northland.

The sulphur will permeate your skin for days, even after intense scrubbing. I keep a separate towel for my Ngawha bathing, but some love the smell as it feels like mud is still working it's magic.

Living 15 minutes down the road from the springs I am a bit reluctant to promote Ngawha Hotsprings as I want to keep it safe from commercialisation, yet still sing it's praises as one of the best in New Zealand. There are no fancy brochures, but you can guarantee a local will be sitting in the 'Bulldog' or the 'Doctor' and will give you the rundown of it's therapeutic properties.

Slathering the mud on your body works wonders for your skin, and is great for pregnant women, arthritis, aches, pains, eye and skin problems. Some of the locals are devout followers and have gone there most of their lives, returning daily for a soak until they are well into their 90's. The pools are varying in temperature and the water differing in colour, They have different healing properties, but look out as some are insanely HOT and others like an arctic blast!! You will find your happy medium and will have fun trying them all out.


  • If you don't cope well with heat then go at nightfall or when there is a light rain.
  • Take a bottle of water as you can get quite thirsty
  • Don't expect a shower, as I expect this is how they help keep their cost low
  • Put a towel on your car seat before you drive off, as this too will absorb the smell.
  • Don't leave valuables in your car as you can have them poolside.

Off again this week, to take yet another batch of out of town rellies!

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