Encounter icebergs at Lake Tasman Glacier

The Tasman Glacier Terminal Lake is one of just a handful of glaciers to terminate into a lake and should not be missed on any trip to the South Island.


Heading out by boat onto the lake, this is one of very few opportunities in the world to get up close and personal with an ice-berg! Reminiscent of cathedrals, they are found in all shapes and sizes, with every shade of the purest blues through a spectrum of whites to the deepest of grays. Nipping around in that small yellow boat also has the added danger that any of these giant, old monsters of ice could roll knocking everyone into the cold, murky waters.

Up towards the sky, the wonder of Mount Cook sits to the left of the giant Tasman Glacier, named after the Dutch explorer - if you're lucky and bag a clear day you'll get a view of the top of New Zealand's highest mountain.

This truly is an opportunity to experience one of the most stunning views in the whole of New Zealand from one of the most unusual places to be.

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