NZONE Skydive - Young & Old

Many people think Tandem Skydive is only for thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies. Here's evidence it's more than that. It's for young and old too!

From 5 yrs OLD to 96 yrs YOUNG, we see it everyday!

Tandem Skydiving with NZONE Skydive really is an experience nearly anyone can participate in; there are no age limits!

The first Tandem Skydive is a scary thing for anyone to be challenged with; we all feel fear but at NZONE Skydive, we'll show you how to Embrace the Fear!


Our youngest jumper was five years old and we regularly have 6, 7 and 8 year olds jumping. There is no lower age limit for kids to skydive but they do need to fit into the harness so we go by weight. To fill the harness, children need to be over 35 kgs / 77 lbs. 

View some of our kids skydiving pictures above. Read more about a courageous 6 year old Indian girl skydiving in Queenstown


The oldest skydiver we've had is 96 years old!! What a brave elderly gentleman!! We regularly have men and women who are over 60, many celebrating milestone birthday's such as 70th and 80th. 

View some of our oldies in the images above. Read about a gutsy pair of Scottish sisters parachuting with NZONE Skydive and an Octogenarian celebrating with Queenstown's best activity!

NZONE Skydive were New Zealand's first Tandem Skydive company and have been operating out of Queenstown since 1990; having jumped over 250,000 customers so far. For more information, images and video check out:
NZONE Skydive Photo Gallery
• To book your Tandem Skydive go to the NZONE Skydive website or call +64 3 442 5867.

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