Tackling Taupo's Mt. Tauhara

So it's Sunday morning and the family says 'What shall we do today?' and my suggestion was 'Let's climb Mt. Tauhara!' So we did!

Mt. Tauhara overlooks Lake Taupo and is a dormant volcano that sits 1,088m above sea level and over the last six years that I've lived here I've often wondered what the view from the top would be like so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to find out.

You start at a small car-park on Mountain Road, then follow the white painted markers across the farmland and up into the trees on the slopes. If you've read any of my previous blogs you'll know that we have two young children, Miss is seven and Master is four, there was no surprise when the youngest started with 'Are we there yet?' after about 15 minutes! That being said they both did so much better than we thought they would, all in it took us two hours to get up and one and a quarter to get back down. The path is well marked but by no means easy with small people, don't let this put you off as the challenge makes gaining the summit even sweeter. You progress through the trees slowly climbing ever upwards then start to circle the mount before arriving at a stream, once you reach this point all the hard work is over and it isn't long until you've reached the top and the stunning vista that awaits.

All the effort is well and truly worth it as the 360⁰ views from the summit are spectacular! You can see the whole of Great Lake Taupo and the mountains to the South, White Island far to the North and the forests that surround all of Taupo beneath you. This is also a great place to stop and have your refreshments before the speedy descent. You see so much of the lake including the boats on the way to the Carvings and the Parasailers as well as the Parachutists dropping back down to earth.

The bush is full of bird life and so many different native trees, it was fun to put the knowledge we had gained walking through the Pureora Forest to good use and it helped to keep the 'Are we nearly there yet?' comments to a minimum.

Led by a four year old with no sense of danger and a mean pace we swiftly descended in just over an hour before heading back to the Lake Taupo TOP 10 Holiday Resort to rest our weary limbs in the heated 'Magna-Pool'.

Taupo is full of activities that don't have to cost you anything but your time and this is a perfect example of that philosophy. If you want excitement it's available by the bucket load, but if you just want some inexpensive family time or just a great trek then what better way to spend a Sunday morning! 


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