The Fears We Don't Face Become Our Limits

Heights make you dizzy? Scared of flying? Why not kick those fears out the door in Queenstown with a 15,000 skydive! Your fear won't know what hit it.

Queenstown ain't called the adventure capital of New Zealand for nothing!

When my partner and I were heading there for a weekend we knew that skydiving had to be top of the list. What better way to take in the incredible alpine views - snowy peaks, crystal blue water, all getting closer and closer with each metre of your freefall. Jumping out of a plane is a pretty crazy thing to do - your rational mind is screaming 'No, no, noooo! Stay inside, stay safe, stay inside!', but when you show that fear who's boss (and let's face it, you're ten times more likely to die driving down the road to the supermarket than skydiving ... (*I may or may not have Googled skydiving accident stats on the way to the jump site*), you're preparing yourself to be brave enough to take on the next big challenge that comes along. 

So if you want to face your fear and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience then you definitely need to make this a must-do on your trip to Queenstown. We found the NZOne team to be welcoming, friendly, and professional, and you can't beat that crazy stomach-dropping moment before you head over the edge and leave the safety of the plane behind!



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