The Whole Kit & Caboodle and White Water Rafting?

What's The Meaning Of The Phrase "Whole Kit & Caboodle" and How Does It Apply to White Water Rafting? Keeping warm on the river in winter.

"Kit and Caboodle?"

Meaning - A collection of things.

Origin - The words kit and caboodle have rather similar meanings.

A kit - is set of objects, as in a toolkit, or what a soldier would put in his kit-bag.

A caboodle (or boodle) - is an archaic term meaning group or collection, usually of people.

What Has Kit and Caboodle Got to Do With Rafting?

When it comes to a New Zealand winter and you say you are going white water rafting, people often respond by saying how cold it must be whilst rubbing their arms as if trying to keep warm.

Let's avoid any uncertainty on this issue. The water temperature every day at this time of year is about 4 to 5 degrees C, and being in the Central North Island High Country on the Rangitikei River, the air temperature is frequently not over 9 degrees. Totally different in the summer of course, but this is winter we are talking about.

This alone would make anyone cold, even without getting wet on a rafting trip.

And yet we go white water rafting.

Just How Do We Keep People Warm?

You might be surprised to know that our customers are hardly ever cold, as long as they don't leap off "Jump Rock". Of course most people do jump off "Jump Rock" which fortunately is only fifteen minutes from the hot showers back at the Lodge. That act of bravado will certainly cool off even the most intrepid adventurer.

What has brought about this increase in comfort for winter rafting, is developments in the gear our customers are issued with.

How Does All The Kit Fit Together?

We can begin with what's underneath. A swim suit is worn against your skin, followed by a base layer of thermal polypropylene, and then a heavy fleece layer to keep the upper body warm.

Over this is worn a snug 5mm long john wetsuit with velcro closures on the shoulders.

Over all this goes a paddle jacket that resists wind and water, and a helmet for head protection. The upper body is complete following the addition of a life jacket.

Feet are not left out. 3mm neoprene socks followed by 5 mm thick neoprene booties with rubber soles are added.

Hands are all that remain. A pair of neoprene mittens completes the kit and keeps hands warm and toasty.

There you have it, the "Whole Kit and Caboodle" of what to wear on a winter rafting trip with River Valley.

This gear enables your winter white water rafting trip to remain a fun experience even in challenging weather conditions.

White Water rafting can now be fun at any time of year. 

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