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Choose to jet boat or canoe down the Mighty Whanganui River or sit on the Homestead deck & watch the Jet Boats & canoes go by sipping your drink of choice. This is a pure experience you will remember.

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With the newest Jet boat in Taumarunui, you will be putting yourself in the safe skilled hands of our skipper, who has lived on the river for over 40 years. We can offer you unique outdoor adventures, which will be unsurpassed.

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Experience the Mighty Whanganui River, its spectacular rapids, and breathtaking scenery lined with magnificent native bush and farmland. Whether by Canoe, Jet Boat, or both, the whole exhilarating experience will be unsurpassed.

These outdoor adventures will give you a natural high and a pure adrenaline rush. Here are just some of the feed back we have received: unforgettable, memorable, heart stopping, awe inspiring, nothing else in New Zealand like this, the biggest thrill, awesome hospitality.


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Riverview Jet Tours, 292 Hikumutu Road, Hikumutu, Taumarunui, Ruapehu, New Zealand.

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