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A small wonderfully interactive kaleidoscope gallery featuring our unusual and unique kaleidoscopes. Visitors can view many things, like the world around them, soap bubbles, flowers and pieces dancing to music, all through a kaleidoscope.

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We are New Zealand's only kaleidoscope manufacturers. We have been making kaleidoscopes for nearly thirty years using many mediums including swamp kauri, glass and acrylic. Our kaleidoscopes vary in size from small hand-helds, to large garden kaleidoscopes.
We make all our scopes on site. We have two workshops and a small gallery/shop.
Kaleidoscopes use special mirror, and we make our own using vacuum technology. We have also started making dichroic glass, which also uses vacuum technology. and using our fused, coated glass for jewelry.
We are five minutes from Kerikeri township and are open most days from 10am, if the sign is out.

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Scopes NZ, 265 Waipapa Road, Kerikeri, Northland, 0295, New Zealand.

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