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New Zealand's best guide for backpackers, by backpackers! On a working holiday visa in New Zealand on simply travelling through the country on a budget, we have all the info you need to explore our stunning land without spending too much.

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Creating the best resources for a gap year or a trip in New Zealand.

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We work hard to cover all aspect of a work and travel experience in our awesome country of New Zealand.

More travel info, easier to read.

Your trip through New Zealand will be paved of awesome people and activities. We gathered all the info about transportation in New Zealand, bus networks, coach, car rental, campervan… But also all activities available from a quiet bushwalk to the scariest jet boat ride of the country.

Our backpacker NZ guides will also cover a wide range of info about each area of New Zealand. And our accommodation section will come in handy when it will be time to choose the right hostel or flat to settle in.


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BackpackerGuide NZ, Anzac Street, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1143, New Zealand.

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