Crater Rim Walk

The Crater Rim Walk starts at Christchurch Gondola and offers amazing views over the Banks Peninsula. An experience not to be missed!

The Banks Peninsula Crater Rim Walk was something I have never thought of doing before. After some discussions with my friend, it only took a couple of minutes to make up my mind and purchase my tickets on a sunny day.

Before you go ahead and read my story, I simply want to spell out my highlights along the walk:

  • The views on the mighty Southern Alps

  • Birds whistles that I have never heard of before

  • The World War 2 gun emplacements that no one in Christchurch talks about but should

  • Lambs being fed and running around on the hills

Starting with going up the Gondola, the views from the car as I was going up were spectacular. With little cloud on the day, I could see right across the Canterbury plains to the snowy Southern Alps.

Once at the top of the Gondola, I experienced the time tunnel, a 6 minute “ride” through the history of Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula, a really unique way of learning about Christchurch and its history.

After the ride, I went out to the viewing platform to see the amazing views down into Lyttelton Harbour and out along the Port Hills.

From the viewing decks, I could see all the way to the Pacific Ocean on the other side of Banks Peninsula, and on the other side I could see all the way to the Southern Alps and down the coastline.

Once I started my walk, I was overwhelmed by the scenery and the nature I was walking through, with a lot of different trees and bushes on either side of me.

The sound of the different birds and animals in the trees made the walk even better, with a range of walking in covered “forest” areas, to the open parts of the track, all with amazing views into the harbour and the different hills and formations comprising the Banks Peninsula.

Around an hour into the walk, I came to what would be the highlight of my trip, the World War 2 gun emplacements set on top of Mt Pleasant Hills.

I was able to walk around them and inside some areas, a really cool experience as you can see where the guns were positioned to protect the area.

From the gun emplacements, it was around two hours to go before I arrived in Sumner village. In the last part of the walk I have seen some mini-waterfalls, lambs being fed and running around, and again just some spectacular scenery.

After arriving in Sumner village, I waited for the bus to go back to the city, and all I could think about was how lucky I am to have something so unique and special so close to where I live. The Crater Rim Walk is an experience that I will remember for a long time.


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