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One of the most important things you must learn before visiting Auckland for a vacation is its climate and weather.

One of the most important things you must learn before visiting Auckland for a vacation is its climate and weather. You may want to plan your vacation during a time when the weather is warm and dry not wet and cold. Knowing the climate of the region will help you plan what to bring and how to pack.

The climate in Auckland region is comfortable all year-round except during the summer months when you can experience a combination of heat and humidity. Days and nights in summer are rather sticky while in winter, the climate is mild and wet.  Frosts on the other hand is very rare during the winter months.

The weather in Auckland is changeable. Although you enjoy a warm, coastal climate without extreme temperatures, plenty of rain is experienced all throughout the year most especially in winter months such as June, July and August. The sudden change in the weather is caused by weakening cyclones and cold fronts which can cause extreme hailstorms.

Another common weather hazard faced by people in the Auckland region is the strength of the sun during the summer. The reason why the sun is so strong during this time of the year is that there is less ozone layer to block the sun rays, the earth’s orbit is closer to the sun during the southern summer than the northern summer and there is less pollution in the southern hemisphere to block the sun rays. It is said that you’ll get burn easily in New Zealand than anywhere in the Mediterranean.

If you plan to visit Auckland, it is recommended that you prepare for ‘four seasons’ in one day. Bring clothes and gears that will protect you from the rain and the sun. It would be best if you pack a waterproof jacket, sunglasses, sun hat and don’t forget to bring sunscreen to protect your skin from New Zealand’s high UV rays.

In conclusion, Auckland enjoys warm and dry summer and mild, wet winters. Summer in Auckland occurs from December to February, March to May is autumn months while winter is from June to August and Spring season is from September to November.

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