Te Po Combo

Be mesmerized by Te Po which is Te Puia's evening indigenous experience.

You start your evening experience with an exclusive tour of Te Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve which is home of the world famous Pohutu Geyser. This tour includes Te Wananga Whakairo (wood carving school), Te Rito (weaving school), live kiwi birds, boiling mud pools and of course the awe inspiring Pohutu Geyser.

As the sun begins to sink, you can sit back and enjoy Te Pō, Te Puia’s evening cultural experience. It is a feast of cultural storytelling, entertainment and Māori cuisine.

When you visit Te Puia at night, you enjoy an indepth experience of the customs and traditions of Māori, with a traditional powhiri (welcoming ceremony), a warrior’s challenge and a full kapa haka (performing arts) concert.

Indulge in a first-class indigenous meal, with cuisine that incorporates indigenous ingredients, traditional hangi-cooked food, and contemporary Māori dishes.

When the evening ends we take you to view Pohutu, our famous geyser, under the stars.

Te Po Combo: 4.30pm-9pm daily

Te Po: 6.15pm-9pm

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