New Zealand Short Films

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A selection of short films inspired by New Zealand.

Working Day

Working day tells the story of New Zealand's first inhabitants arriving, only to find that the country isn't quite ready.

Written and directed by Andrés Borghi from Argentina. Working Day was the winner of the Your Big Break competition - a global search for the next great filmmaker. Their task was to capture the spirit of New Zealand in a three minute short film.

Mr Frosty and the BMX Kid

On a glorious Kiwi summer's day, an old man and a young Maori boy eat some ice creams and do some bombs.

Written and directed by Tim McLachlan from New Zealand.

Sweet As

A light hearted story about two competitive grandmothers affectionately portraying the kiwi way of life.

Written and directed by Aya Tanimure from the USA.

Blank Spaces

Early one morning a young and tenacious hiker named Dave climbs the sheer and slippery rock slopes of Mount Nox. As he slowly reaches the summit, we see his final destination up ahead: Lake Unknown (official name). Armed with pieces of tubing, rowing oars, a smartphone and a backpack filled with strange paraphernalia, Dave has a date with destiny and a plan which, if successful, will leave his mark on one of the few blanks spaces left on the map...

Written and directed by Rajneel Singh from New Zealand.

Something Special

Something Special is the story of a young American war veteran exploring the magnificent wilds of New Zealand while reliving a memory from his past. It is a powerful film about friendship, loss, and healing.

Written and directed by Kristi Simkins from the USA.

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