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Jet boating and trout fishing are two ways to enjoy the spectacular environment around Kurow, which sits at the junction of two rivers.

Situated at the junction of the Waitaki and Hakataramea Rivers, Kurow is memorable for its twin bridges. The Waitaki, from Kurow to sea, is one of the country's best jet boating rivers and also has good canoeing along many of its braids. The trout fishing in this area is legendary – in both the rivers and the lakes. The mountains around Kurow rise to 2000 metres, the tallest of which is Te Kohurau. Awakino Skifield, in the St Marys Range, is a small club field with one rope tow and a friendly atmosphere. The hydroelectric dams on the Waitaki River are also an attraction. You can cross over the Aviemore dam to access a scenic drive up to the Benmore dam. Functional facts: Approx. population 340, limited accommodation, information centre.

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