Harbour cruises and great cafés attract visitors to the historic port town of Lyttelton, just twenty minutes from the centre of Christchurch city.

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Lyttelton is a port town with a long history. Christchurch’s first European settlers landed here in 1850 before trekking over the Port Hills to establish their new home. Today Lyttelton is accessed by an impressive road tunnel. As you’d expect, the local museum has a maritime theme; it also has an excellent Antarctic gallery (Lyttelton was an expedition launching point in the days of South Pole expeditions). Another place of interest is the neo-Gothic Timeball Station, which was erected in 1876 to keep Greenwich Mean Time. Harbour cruises depart from Lyttelton every day - with any luck, you’ll encounter Hector’s dolphins.

Functional facts: Approx. population 3100, information centre, good range of eating places.