Take to the skies over Lake Taupo

Take to the air over the great Lake Taupo to really appreciate the area and its surrounding volcanoes, mountains and forests.

Here’s some great ways to see this stunning lake:


For something a little different why not take to the skies in a floatplane? Taupo’s Floatplane offers a range of tours over Tongariro National Park, the Volcanic Plateau, Lake Taupo, & White Island. This is a magical way to experience the magnificent Lake Taupo region, and the sensation of taking off from and landing on the lake is one you are unlikely to forget. See Taupo’s Floatplane for the opportunity to enjoy this unique flying experience.

Scenic Flights & Flight Seeing

For a more relaxing air experience take a scenic flight. See the breathtaking views of New Zealand’s oldest National Park and fly over the dramatic landscape of this volcanic area. This experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable as you fly over picturesque Lake Taupo. To book your flight see Izardair, Mountain Air, Taupo Gliding Club, or Big Sky Parasail.

Sky Diving

Taupo has New Zealand’s largest commercialised skydive drop zone and is often referred to as THE skydive capital of the world. The views from 15,000 feet are mind-blowing - Not only can you see the surrounding lakes and volcanoes but you can see both coasts of New Zealand from up there. This really is a must do for all the adrenalin junkies and for those looking for an experience they’ll never forget. Three skydiving companies can take you up: Taupo Tandem Skydiving, Skydive Taupo, or Freefall Skydive.

Helicopter Tours

There is no better way to appreciate Lake Taupo’s diverse scenery than via helicopter. Helicopters allow quick and comfortable access to remote and renowned wilderness areas unreachable by other aircrafts. Whether you want to experience the views or hunt the local wildlife, Helipro or Helisika are the people to see.

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