Discover Onehunga

Onehunga is a genuine Kiwi town centre - vibrant, friendly and full of surprises. Wander down Onehunga Mall and beyond.

With so much to see, do and buy. Onehunga offers a great day out. Visitors can take the free shuttle bus from selected CBD hotels to DressMart or hop onto a train to the Onehunga Station. Come by car and you'll find that Onehunga is one of the only Central Auckland suburbs to offer FREE parking.

One of the MANY Treasures

The legendary Hard to Find Book shop. Hidden in full sight, this store has a treasure trove of books. Wander in and bask in the array of volumes to be read, admired and discovered. This Aladdin's cave provides hours of fascination as you wonder from section to section. Built in the 1890s, formerly occupied by Gordon Sai Louie & Co, a family business selling fruit, vegetables and Chinese supplies. Mr Sai Louie senior, was a great social worker for the Chinese community. The business ran for over 40 years closing in 1988. A notable feature is the gold sign writing on the window. It has been said that the building is haunted. The staff say that if this is the case, then it is certainly a friendly ghost.

Onehunga Historical Roots

Onehunga has a rich heritage to explore too with its history of Maori and European settlement and trade. Explore Onehunga by taking a heritage walk. Jellicoe Park, a short walk away from the town centre, is a good place to start and truly a unique draw card, with museums, a historic home, swimming pools and wonderful gardens to enjoy. Onehunga also has the distinction of electing the first woman Mayor in the British Empire, Mrs Elizabeth Yates. Mrs Yates is buried in St Peters Chruch Cemetery located on Onehunga Mall.

Beautiful Scenery

Then there's the beautiful Manukau Harbour, right on Onehunga's doorstep. Led by the community, new beaches, parks and walkways are being added so that everyone can enjoy this magic foreshore.

Coast to Coast

Described as the hike that defines Auckland, this 16km trail was recently named one of the worlds top 10 city walks!

Indie travel guide Boots'n'All rated this walk one of the best city walks in the world in August 2012. One of the few places in the world where you can literally walk from one ocean to another in less than a day, it's easy to see why Auckland's coast to coast is so popular running from the Pacific Ocean, on one side of the city, to the Tasman Sea on the other side. The 5-6 marked route runs from a remote coastal region through residential backstreets and over the the city's two most famous landmarks- Maungawhau (Mt Eden) with its impressive crater topping the 643 feet (196m) summit and Maungakiekie (One Tree Hill), a 600 feet (183m) now treeless that offers incredible views over the city with the cone shaped outline of Rangitoto Island in the distance. Finish your walk with a stroll through the city's renowned Viaduct Harbour, where you can enjoy a well earned drink looking out over the ocean.

It takes several hours to walk from Onehunga/Manukau Harbour to Downtown Auckland and the Waitemata Harbour. You need to be fit to walk this 16km trail! If you're planning on bringing a car, start off in Onehunga, where the parking is easier- then return by train from Britomart Station in the city, to retrieve it. There is plenty of background information the sights along this walk on the Onehunga website.

Discover Onehunga and see for yourself!



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