Otago's own tropical escape!

No matter the weather in Dunedin, Otago Museum is always the hottest place in town!

Experience a lush, living Tropical Forest, where you’ll meet live butterflies and other tropical creatures in their natural paradise. A gardener’s dream and an elixir for the soul, you can experience the eternal summer, right here in Otago.

For early birds, there’s an extra treat in store - witnessing the first flight of a butterfly. Visitors are invited to release newly emerged butterflies every morning at 10.30am. You can be there for that special moment, helping Museum Communicators to release the young butterflies and watch as they take wing in the Tropical Forest, joining over 1,000 other butterflies.

Discovery World Tropical Forest is the only three level live butterfly experience in Australasia, allowing visitors to experience it from above, through the centre (via an amazing glass swing bridge) and at the forest floor. Temperatures sit at a balmy 28 degrees and 80% humidity all year round.

Take a tropical escape inside Otago Museum -  Dunedin’s most visited attraction. Don’t leave town without flying by for a visit!

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