Glenorchy - Pathway to paradise

Glenorchy is a quiet township with a great atmosphere and an exciting range of outdoor activities.

When visiting Queenstown, make sure you spend a day exploring all the secret spots on the way to Glenorchy.

On this 45-minute lakeside trip, which has to be one of the most spectacular drives in the world, you’ll be blown away by the breathtaking views, hanging valleys, glaciers, islands and sheer mountains…and that’s just the drive to get there! 

Bennett’s Bluff lookout is a real Kodak moment so have your camera at the ready.

Glenorchy itself is the gateway to some of New Zealand’s most epic scenery and it’s real Lord of the Rings stuff with towering mountains, ancient beech forests and glacial fed rivers.

In fact the scenery has been used as an inspirational backdrop in many international films and commercials.

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