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December 2008


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Tourism radio launches in NZ

03 Dec 2008

International visitors cruising around New Zealand in a rental car can now tune in to Tourism Radio, a station designed to entertain and educate them about New Zealand while en route.

The new service features New Zealand music, local radio shows and area information relevant to the region a tourist is travelling through. Listeners can tune in via the car radio.

Virtual tour guide
Tourism Radio originated in South Africa and will be launched in Australia and New Zealand this month (December 2008). It will be available through selected rental car and campervan companies.

The service acts as a 'virtual tour guide' using integrated GPS to broadcast content in real time relative to the location of the listeners. An 'IntelliPoint' system draws the driver's attention to prominent landmarks and highlights as the vehicle approaches them, making sure the tourist doesn't miss any key attractions.

Informs and entertains
When Tourism Radio launches it will include some 1600 points of interest throughout the country and around 80 hours of programming, on everything from '20 questions' to 'ask a local', to an adventure show and Kiwi slang.

Tourism Radio's New Zealand - Australia managing director, Hayden Braddock, says the content has been written to capture the essence of the country using common phrases and Kiwi voices for an authentic listening experience.

"Tourism Radio is a fantastic way for tourists to get a feeling for what New Zealand is all about. It's like having 10 locals in the car with you, all pointing out their favourite spots and chipping in their two cents worth," he said.

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