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Ultimate high tea in NZ's treehouse cafe

21 Jan 2009

High tea has taken on a whole new meaning in New Zealand with the country’s world famous tree house restaurant now serving afternoon tea to cope with demand.

The architecturally designed tree hut that sits 10 metres up a giant redwood tree north of Auckland was a novel advertising stunt for New Zealand Yellow Pages.

World famous
Instead of building a fake tree house for the company commercial, it was decided to create the real thing and open to the public for a limited period.

But interest from around the world has been so great that Yellow has been forced to rethink and currently negotiations are underway to extend the opening season beyond February 9.

Booked out
The Yellow Treehouse restaurant has been so popular since it opened on January 9 that all lunch and dinner sittings are booked out.

Yellow has now decided to introduce gourmet afternoon teas to allow more people to enjoy the unique setting.

For $35 a head, patrons can enjoy lamingtons, scones, pies, club sandwiches and tea or coffee suspended 10 metres up the giant tree … the ultimate in high tea.

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