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Charitable Kiwi chef whips up giant pavlova

06 Aug 2010

A Christchurch chef has got cracking in a big way for his favourite charity by creating what’s thought to be the world’s largest pavlova - a 50 square metre expanse of meringue capable of feeding 10,000 people.

The giant pavlova - made with 10,000 egg whites and more than 600kg of sugar - was made in the shape of a rugby field, and timed to coincide with the Bledisloe Cup rugby match in Christchurch this weekend.

Chef Aaron Campbell of Kaiapoi created the fluffy sweet dessert - originally named for the Russian ballerina - as part of a Kiwiana event. It was unveiled inside Christchurch Cathedral early this morning (6.08.2010).

All Blacks charity
Chef Campbell said he wasn’t after a world record, but just wanted to raise money for KidsCan Stand Tall Charitable Trust - the official charity of the All Blacks.

With the Bledisloe Cup match to be played between the All Blacks and the Australian Wallabies in Christchurch on Saturday, Campbell said he felt it was timely "to whip up a pav and raise money for charity".

His effort is part of Kiwiana on the Square - an event supporting Christchurch’s ‘Paint it All Black’ campaign in the build up to the Bledisloe Cup.

Silver ferns and rugby symbols
Unlike a traditional pavlova which is normally topped with kiwifruit and strawberries, the giant pavlova was decorated with silver ferns and rugby symbols.

The decorations can also be bought and eaten, and Chef Campbell said the giant pavlova would cut into about 10,000 ordinary-sized servings.

"I’m hoping Christchurch people will treat themselves to pavlova for breakfast or call in on their way to work to buy a slab of it for workmates for morning tea. It would be a fun thing to do, not just for themselves but also to support the All Blacks and KidsCan Stand Tall."

Campbell supports KidsCan Stand Tall for the same reason as the All Blacks:
"The charity does a great job of helping our disadvantaged children. Its food programme makes sure those children’s tummies stop rumbling, so they can concentrate at school.

"Thousands of New Zealand children rely on KidsCan Stand Tall every day - so I am relying on Christchurch people to show charity on Friday by donating $2 for a piece of pavlova."

Tall order

The enormous pavlova offers some impressive statistics - for example, it would take one hen at least 28 years to lay the number of eggs required. And the sugar equates to enough for one teaspoon in 165,000 cups of tea.

The world’s largest pavlova produced to date was 19 square metres. It was created in February 1999 to celebrate the first birthday of Te Papa - New Zealand’s national museum in Wellington. The dessert was named ‘Pavzilla’, and cut by then Prime Minister Jenny Shipley.

Every cent raised from the sale of Campbell’s giant pavlova will go to KidsCan Stand Tall.

"It will literally be a sweet gesture with every cent of every dollar donated to helping Kiwi kids," the chef said.

It’s hoped his efforts won’t go unnoticed by the Australian visitors in town - good natured rivalry has always existed between the two countries over the origins of the famous pavlova dessert. And, just maybe, it will help the All Blacks trip the light fantastic on the field tomorrow night.

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