Dawn till dusk in the Bay of Plenty

From dawn till dusk there is something for all to experience within the Bay of Plenty.

From sunrise to sunset the Bay of Plenty has everything covered and more.

Tauranga city sits at the heart of the Bay of Plenty with stunning views from the coastal beaches of Mount Maunganui stretching north to Waihi and east to Whakatane and reaching deep into the bush clad hills of the Kaimai ranges. Whether you wish to commence the day before sunrise and venture out to sea on one of the many fishing charters or Dolphin Seafaris, surf the waves at daybreak or walk to the top of Mount Maunganui (about 1hr), the sunrise with the brilliant oranges, vibrant reds and iridescent blues will set the standard of what the locals call....home!

Enjoy breakfast in one of the many cafes located in Mount Maunganui, downtown Tauranga City or the many shopping centres, peninsula based. The laid back attitude of Tauranga city envelops the casual nature of this amazing city. The tidal movements of the vast waterways offer a different change and feeling around each city walkway to the mountainous hills behind.

Start the day with a walk along vast white sandy beaches with the Pacific Ocean lapping at your feet. Venture around the estuary walkways or the short walks in regional and forest parks. A must visit is to the large Kauri tree groves near the quaint village of Katikati or the pier at Kauri Point where the locals catch dinner! Explore Papamoa hills with old Maori Pa sites and views of all the Bay of Plenty.

Lunch at one of the local wineries whilst enjoying a glass of award winning wine is must before venturing out into something more exciting. Within 30 minutes, in any given direction on the compass, action and adventure can be found. Head 10 minutes and you’ll discover Waimarino Adventure Park and Kayak Tours. This amazing hidden gem is a local paradise for families visiting the Bay of Plenty. A massive water trampoline to a the biggest human catapult called the Blob are just some of the fun, almost crazy, activities to go along side the only kayak slide in the world, outdoor climbing wall, beach volleyball and warm thermal pool are just the start. Perfect for kids from 5 years of age to adults as adventurous as 85!

Head east and you’ll be blown away on the race track of Blokart, the home of land yacht racing. When the wind doesn’t blow race the drift trikes around the course. After something quieter to do for the afternoon?

Visit Experience Comvita and discover the wonder of nature’s intelligence where Comvita creates innovative natural health products. Get the buzz of the bee on this experience. 

The end of the day is near and dusk will settle over Lake McLaren as you are about experience the mystical enchantment of Glow Worm kayaking with Waimarino. After enjoying the sumptuous tastes of local refreshments including a glass of award winning wine and kiwifruit juice your guide describes the night’s safety concerns and what you are about to experience. Gliding over the dark waters with dusk fading into night is almost impossible to put into words and then as the stars emerge to guide the way. The noise of birds settling into bed add to this magical experience as your guide describes the story of Lake McLaren and the connections back to the founders of Waimarino over 40 years ago. Just when you imagine things cannot be more outstanding, your see one, two, three no hundreds almost thousands of small pale lights tucked into the cliffs and amongst the cascading tropical like forest. These tiny lights are the glow of the glow worms almost like you are resting inside a Christmas tree looking out. Magical.

Dawn to Dusk has the Bay of Plenty at its best!

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