101 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

Ever needed an excuse to travel to New Zealand? Here's 101 of them!

1. It’s way better than Australia!
2. You'll be able to show off to your friends when you know the difference between an Aussie and a Kiwi accent.
3. It's quiet. You’ll go to sleep to the sounds of... nothing.
4. Pies! Venison pies, butter chicken pies and best of all, the great kiwi steak and cheese pie.
5. The air is so fresh that you'll notice it as soon as you get off the plane.
6. You can go skiing and surfing in the same day, if the mood grabs you.
7. The views are magnificent. All of them.
8. You may meet an All Black.
9. Next time you see New Zealand on TV, instead of saying "WOW that looks cool", you can say, "I've been there. It's cool. And I’m going back some time."
10. The fish 'n' chips (say "fush 'n' chips") are amazing.
11. Your Facebook friends will be very jealous. So will your real friends!
12. You can watch as many movies as you like in a row on the plane on the way over without feeling guilty for not doing something more productive.
13. You can ride a horse that was actually used in 'The Lord of the Rings'.
14. You can jump off a bridge attached to an elastic band and live to tell the tale.
15. You'll find out what ‘Zorbing’ is.
16. You'll get so fit from all the hiking you do that your friends will be amazed at the leaner, fitter new you when you return.
17. You’ll be close to Antarctica, without getting REALLY cold.
18. You can share a beach with a penguin.
19. You can swim with dolphins.
20. There are no poisonous snakes or spiders.
21. It's the girl power centre of the world! New Zealand was the first place in the world that women could vote.
22. You can hike around Mordor (or if you're not a LOTR fan, you can hike in a volcanic landscape).
23. You can see boiling hot, bubbling mud pools.
24. You can walk down the road and see steam coming out of the road drains. It's weird.
25. Glow worms. Thousands of 'em!
26. You’ll visit Queenstown, one of the most beautiful and fun towns in the world.
27. You can shop for colourful arts and crafts to fill your home up with and impress your dinner guests.
28. You can go to an ice bar in a ski town. As if it wasn't cold enough already.
29. You can spend a night on Milford Sound and imagine explorers passing by the narrow entrance, too afraid to go near the steep cliffs and explore.
30. You can take a ride in an aerobatic plane. For the strong of stomach (otherwise maybe don’t combine it with number 10!).
31. New Zealand has hundreds of boutique wineries dotted around from the coasts to the mountains. Brush up your wine tasting/drinking skills.
32. You can ride in a helicopter to the top of a glacier and explore the ice caves and crevasses.
33. You can get from one side of the country to the other in a few hours.
34. You can cycle mountain passes and winding roads, if you've got the legs for it.
35. You can visit a local pub and try the local specialty - whitebait sandwiches with freshly squeezed lemon.
36. At the right time of year, you might see the Southern Lights dancing in the sky.
37. The night sky is like no other.
38. There's still gold in 'dem hills - get your gold pan out!
39. You can ski in the morning and be down in time for lunch.
40. It's really far away from your mother-in-law.
41. It's where Avatar was made. Pretend to be an Avatar as you bound through the rainforests.
42. You'll make a whole bunch of new friends because everyone has time to stop and talk.
43. You can learn the Haka and intimidate your boss when you get back to work.
44. You can learn how to shear a sheep.
45. You might find a farmer to marry in the South Island and then you can stay forever! Baking and hunting skills preferred.
46. Discover the ‘Tim Tam Slam’. We'll show you what we mean.
47. To buy a locally produced 100% merino wool sweater. Never be cold again, ever.
48. You won't see a shopping mall for hundreds of miles.
49. The glacial lakes are unbelievably blue.
50. Improve your photography - the photo opportunities are endless (wide-angle lenses are a must).
52. Try Vegemite on toast and decide whether it's love or hate for you.
53. Go kiwi spotting at night and be one of the few people to see a kiwi in the wild.
54. Sit in a natural hot pool at the bottom of a snow-capped peak.
55. Walk! You can walk everywhere and anywhere.
56. Sit in an inflatable inner tube and float through an underground cave with glow worms lighting your path.
57. You can visit Mount Cook and see where Edmund Hillary honed his climbing skills before summiting Mount Everest.
58. There's a good chance you'll be joined by dolphins if you're out kayaking in Milford Sound at the right time.
59. You can run up the world's steepest street in Dunedin. Roller skates definitely not recommended.
60. You could go bungy jumping, skydiving, paragliding, helicopter flying, jet boating and white water rafting in the same day if you wanted to.
61. You're more likely to win the lotto here than most other places because of the small population. It could be you!
62. You're never more than 3 hours drive away from the sea.
63. You will see a bunch of old classic cars on the road. Kind of like Cuba, with sheep.
64. There are more helicopters per capita than anywhere else in the world.
65. New Zealand is the biggest exporter of milk in the world.
66. There are no indigenous land mammals here. Only birds.
67. There's nothing nuclear here. At all. Even though (kiwi) Ernest Rutherford is known as the father of nuclear physics for his orbital theory of the atom.
68. It was the last major land mass on earth to be populated. So it's not overrun with people.
69. Take part in some of the most scenic triathlons in the world.
70. We invented our own dessert, the Pavlova!
71. You can spend a day with a pirate in the Abel Tasman National Park.
72. Go swimming with seals.
73. New Zealand gets 6 more hours of daylight in December than Los Angeles (6.5 more than NYC) - get more out of life!
74. Whether you’re single, with a partner or with a tribe of kids, it's a great place to travel.
75. Even if you're 'on' the beaten track it's pretty cool.
76. New Zealand was the only unbeaten side in the soccer world cup 2010.
77. Everyone is rugby mad and it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement.
78. The fresh seafood is amazing.
79. You can help out on a farm and try your hand at rounding up sheep.
80. You can spend a week (or more) apple picking in a local orchard.
81. You can try and pronounce our place names, like ‘Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu’ (it’s ok, even the locals call it Taumata).
82. You can buy your very own pair of Jandals (a mixture of the words Japanese and Sandals)
83. You'll develop a liking for sweet chili sauce and have it with all your meals for ever more.
84. You can learn what to do with a Kumara.
85. The artwork. See anything from fantastic paintings to giant fruit sculptures.
86. You can pick-your-own kiwi fruit.
87. You can test out the natural acoustics singing your favourite song in Cathedral Cove.
88. Dig your own hot bath on the beach at Hot Water Beach.
89. See the roiling waters where two oceans meet at Cape Reinga, the northernmost point of New Zealand.
90. Acquire a greenstone carving, carved by a local Maori craftsman.
91. If you gave up on 'Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu' try 'Whakarewarewa' instead.
92. Discover why Captain Cook named Doubtful Sound.
93. Meet a Kea - the third most intelligent bird in the world. And cheekiest by far!
94. Visit the birth place of Burt Munro, who still holds the world's fastest under-1000 cc motorbike speed record, which he set in Utah in 1967.
95. You might run into Peter Jackson (New Zealand film director) at the local supermarket.
96. Make your way through the café coffee list and see why we're all obsessed with coffee.
97. Be dazzled by all the muscly and fit 'outdoor instructor' folk there are around the place.
98. Rub shoulders with hardcore mountaineers when you sleep over at a mountain hut in the wilderness.
99. Possum socks. It goes without saying, really.
100. Learn the meaning of 'Kia Ora' and use it to greet the people you meet on your travels around New Zealand.
101. Because it's where we live! Come and visit us and do an Active Adventures New Zealand trip. They rock. Really, they do.

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