3 tips for renting a campervan in New Zealand

A campervan allows you to enjoy a New Zealand holiday at the pace you desire. This article provides 3 tips for renting your New Zealand campervan.

Tip #1 - Place the booking early

There are a few motorhome providers in New Zealand, such as Maui, Britz, Mighty, Jucy, Apollo etc

it is recommended to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Some companies offer early booking discount if bookings are made 180 days or more before the travel date.

There are also other seasonal discounts when you book the campervan on specific routes.  For example, it is very popular to travel from Auckland all the way to South Island during the Christmas holiday period, campervan providers actually want people to travel the reserved way from Queenstown or Christchurch up to Auckland, and they often offer a discount for such bookings.

Tip #2 - Do your itinerary research

Some international travelers may have little time doing the research on their self-driving routes, but using tools like Google Maps, you can quickly have an idea what kind of routes will cover your places of interest.

I remember that I met a couple from Singapore at Mount Cook, they liked the scenery there so much but they have to rush back to Auckland in the next two days because they booked a campervan that both pickup and drop-off in Auckland.

Many campervan companies actually allow one-way rental, meaning that you can pick up the campervan in Auckland, and drop-off in Christchurch or Queenstown.  Book your campervan in the right locations save your time and money.

If you cross the Cook Strait (between Wellington and Picton) twice by ferry it will be usually more expensive than the one-way rental surcharge.

Tip #3 - Get familiar with your campervan

In New Zealand people drive on the left side of the lane,  this is very important to remember if you drive on the other way in your home country. Campervan companies want you to have a safe trip, many have a yellow sticker on the dashboard saying Keep Left. It is wise not to overlook it.

Before you arrive, it is recommended that you complete the Online Check-in, if they provided such an option. By completing this process, you will spend less time at the counter filling forms.

It is also a good idea to watch any vehicle operation video to have a general idea about using the different facilities of the campervan.

Once you are in the branch, depending on which provider you book with, normally a campervan company representative will take you to your campervan and provide a demonstration.  This demonstration is usually complimentary so please don't be shy to ask any questions.

If you spend 20-30 minutes of your time now to understand the following,  you will be likely to have a trouble-free self-driving trip:

How to operate the stove?
How to turn on the diesel heating?
What button to turn to use the toilet?
How to release the grey water and black water?
Where are the boards to make the bed?
Where is the power charging cable?
For the fridge, which one is colder and which one is warmer?

Once again, keep left when you drive in New Zealand and enjoy your New Zealand holiday!

This article is written by Michael at www.NewZealandMotorhome.com

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