4 cheeses and a fridge – motorhome holidays for foodies

Discover small wineries, boutique breweries, cheesemakers, food artisans and lots more! Seek out your own real food adventure and stay in unique locations.

Travelling NZ in a motorhome makes for a great holiday experience. There is so much to see with our stunning landscapes, geothermal wonders and exciting adventure activities. But NZ is not just for hikers and adrenalin junkies. Already known as a world-class wine region, NZ is increasingly being seen as a great destination for foodies, and travelling by motorhome gives easy access to a wealth of small artisans who sell their products from the farm gate.

New Zealand’s food landscape is so much more than kiwifruit and lamb! Our olive oil industry is young, but NZ growers are producing distinctive flavours that are winning international awards. It goes without saying that a country that produces such great milk will also produce some great cheeses. Artisan cheese makers are turning cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk into superb quality cheeses.

Macadamia nut growers turn these bite-sized nutritional powerhouses into dukkahs, spreads, butters and oils, and summer visitors to New Zealand will see lavender fields in full bloom. Fruits such as apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums are in abundance and there are many opportunities to pick your own fresh fruit and berries.  After all this thirsty work, a visit to one of over fifty boutique micro-breweries  or one of a myriad of small wineries, seems a suitable reward. 

The annual Cuisine Artisan Awards aim to uncover the best of New Zealand food artisans.  Handcrafted preserves and condiments, fresh chorizo, smoked eggs, gourmet yoghurts, fresh figs and fig preserves, delicious hand-made Italian sausages and many other mouth-watering products too numerous to mention are judged for their flavour, originality and presentation.

There is a lot to find if you know where to look; www.okay2stay.co.nz  lists over a hundred of them, and each one allows a self-contained motorhome to park for a night free of charge.  And of course, because you’re travelling with a refrigerator, you can stock up on yummy things to sustain you in your travels.

But hey, good luck trying to make some of those truly delicious cheeses or that wonderful fig pate last more than one night, to say nothing of the divine wine and thirst-quenching beer!

Colleen Hammonds

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