5 FREE Fun Things to Do at Beaches in Northland

The beaches of the Far North are a major attraction and many activities are FREE and available for all. The list below includes some of the best ways to experience New Zealand!

To really experience the beauty, fun and wholesome life of Northland,  these are some free and fun things to do all the family can enjoy.

Gather a FREE meal of Tuatuas
Nothing tastes as good as your own food caught or gathered. Check out the tide times and head 4.2km down Tokerau Beach and gather tuatuas, very tasty shellfish which are plentiful and fun to gather. Walk into the water about shin deep and twist your foot until you feel something hard. Reach down and tug on the green tipped shell and you have your first free food. You can gather half a bucket and take them home, heat up on the Barbie or mince into fritters! Yum!

Check out Coca Cola Lake
This is a local name for the lake behind the sandhills near  Ramp Road,  Tokerau Beach because this peat laden fresh water lake looks like you are swimming in coca cola! Refreshing after a day in the salt water!

Catch a Fish off the Rocks
There are plenty of fish in the waters of Doubtless Bay and one of the best rock fishing places is right in front of Golden Sand Beachfront Apartments. Take a bucket, some bait and a hand line and have a quiet time watching the sun set waiting for that biggie to take hold.  You will find it very peaceful and with any luck rewarding too.

Dam the River
Many a young man – and some not so young -have worked at damming the small creek in front of Golden Sand Beachfront Apartments at Cable Bay, Northland.   Loads of fun and a sense of achievement for budding digger drivers or engineers!

Body Surf in the Waves
Often the waves are too good to resist. Judging the right time to set off is often tricky but practise makes perfect. The trick is to time floating ashore for when a sizable wave is about to break. Then launch yourself head down, into the sea, kick hard and let the wave’s momentum  take you to the shore. Exhilarating – but be sure to swim with the crowd and of course you will need to be able to swim.

These are just a few of the fun FREE things people who live in the Far North take for granted. When you visit Northland, you can enjoy them too.

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