5 Great Reasons To Stay In Taupo For The Easter School Holidays

Taupo is a brilliant place for a family holiday and the Easter school holidays is a perfect time to visit. Here are five good reasons why.

With Easter and school holidays just around the corner, it's time to book your family escape to the stunning Lake Taupo district. Unlike many holiday destinations Taupo provides both amazing summer and winter activities to keep all members of the family entertained. Here are 5 great reasons to come and stay:

1. Ice skating! This amazing outdoor activity is usually limited to Northern Hemisphere cities such as London, Paris and New York. Now you can skate on an ice rink while looking out at stunning Lake Taupo. Due to huge success over summer, the Ice Rink will be back for the Easter Holidays.

2. Trout fishing! Taupo provides some of the best trout fishing in the world, and we are lucky in this country that it is a very affordable activity for individuals and families. This activity can be a fun family day out on a boat, or a beautiful hike up one of the stunning rivers that feed into Lake Taupo. For the younger children, the National Trout Centre is a neat place to visit. Here the children can feed trout in a pond, observe the trout in an underwater viewing chamber and visit the new freshwater aquarium. There is an open day on April 11th, where they have a children's public 'fish-out' at the pond!

3. Adventure! Start the day at Aratiatia rapids and watch the narrow gorge fill with turbulent water as up to 90,000 litres per second are released from the hydro dam. Thirty minutes later when the gates are closed you will see the turbulence recede and the stream will go back to a placid stream. This is also where a scene from the new Hobbit movie was filmed. In the movie you will get to see dwarfs hiding in barrels floating down this exact stream! After the rapids head to Huka falls to view this incredible waterfall with its thundering white water. If you need a break on the way, visit the Honey Hive shop where you can view the bees in a hive, try honey ice-cream and purchase every honey product imaginable. There is also a Prawn park nearby that has prawn fishing ponds where you can catch your own lunch!

4. Adrenaline! For the thrill seekers Taupo offers some amazing activities. You can start the day by jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet, and if that's not enough of a buzz you could follow-up with a 47 metre jump off a cliff attached to a bungy! If its water you like then the Huka falls jet boat will be sure to delight. Also, on Easter weekend the Taupo Motorsport Park have their Independent Racing Classes Easter Meet. This annual event provides some of the best racing and biggest variety of classes that you will see at any racing circuit. This is also their final round for the season and everyone will be trying their hardest which inevitable leads to spine tingling racing!

5. Relax. For the mums and dads who need to unwind on holiday, Taupo has two hot pool options for families. There is an indoor/outdoor hot water complex with hydro-slides, or a thermal hot pool option which also has a slide and water playground for the children. Other relaxing activities include the Huka Falls river cruise, Lake Taupo cruises available on various boats and yachts, and the numerous fantastic cafe's and restaurants Taupo has to offer.

So book your Motel accommodation for Taupo now and experience a holiday for the whole family!

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