5 meals easy to cook in a hostel

Don't be that guy who lives off noodles and toast…

A hostel is by no means a place to utilise your mad chef skills. Then again, you don’t have to live off ramen noodles for the whole of your backpacking adventure in New Zealand. Follow our recipes below to find that, indeed, you can have decent meals when staying in a hostel!

WARNING:  A hostel is not a 5 star restaurant so we kept our recipes very simple.

Breakfast: eggs on toast

– Heat up some oil (or butter if you have no oil) in a frying pan

– Fry a couple of eggs

– Toast some bread

– Spread butter on the bread

– Put eggs on top of the toast (duh!)

Ingredients: Oil and/or butter, eggs and sliced bread.

Lunch: salad

– Chuck your favourite canned and fresh veggies in a bowl.

– Add spices, salt and pepper.

– Mix all together with mayonnaise and oil.

Ingredients: Fresh and canned veggies, mayonnaise and oil.

Dinner: stir fry veggies

– Heat oil in a frying pan

– Grab a bunch of seasonal veggies

– Toss them into the frying pan

– Add soy sauce in the pan 2 minutes before serving.

Ingredients: seasonal veggies, oil, soy sauce (or another sauce you are into).

Breakfast: pancakes

The best way to make friends in a hostel…

– Use the instant pancake mix and follow instructions on package

– Add milk or water

– Smother in jam, syrup or chocolate spread or whatever you have!

Ingredients: Pancake mix, milk/water and something yummy to spread on the pancakes.

Lunch: chicken curry

– Boil rice in water with a teaspoon of curry powder

– Fry chicken in a frying pan

– To the chicken, add sour cream and add a teaspoon of curry powder

– Let them heat for a further 2 minutes and serve together however you desire.

Ingredients: Rice, curry powder, sour cream and chicken.


...there’s more where that came from.

Check out 10 easy-to-cook hostel meals at BackpackerGuide.NZ


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