5 reasons you may not have thought of why you should do a hiking tour

Dreaming about a New Zealand hiking holiday? Looking around at options for your trip of a lifetime? Here are 5 reasons to consider a guided walking tour.

1. Get off the beaten track

This really applies to the word ‘small’ in the phrase ‘small group hiking tour’.  One of the main advantages of small groups, (maximum of 12 people), is to experience the best New Zealand has to offer and avoid the crowds.  An example of this is an overnight experience at Martin’s Bay, this lodge is not open to the public and only available on a small number of select tours -  who wouldn't want to visit this lodge situated deep in Fiordland National Park right on the Tasman Sea, a fully serviced lodge with only your group in residence.  When we stay here on our New Zealand hiking tours we have the place to ourselves - this is one of the highlights of anyone's visit to New Zealand and we simply would not be able to stay here if we travelled in larger groups.

2. Meet great people

Why do we travel?  For us and many people we know, it’s to experience places, cultures and people.  On a small group guided hiking tour you’ll be in the company of like-minded people from a variety of backgrounds. If they’re on the same tour you’re bound to have something in common but the variety of people on our hiking tours means your curiosity in people will be piqued for sure.  Joining a small group walking tour in New Zealand is a great option for people travelling alone to make friends too - instant friends and travel companions.

3. Save time / let someone else do the work for you

Organising and booking travel takes time and local knowledge is worth its weight in gold.  While some people enjoy researching and booking every single element of their holiday themselves, if you are the type of person who prefers leaving that to someone else then a guided tour is perfect.

4. Safety & Support.

New Zealand is a relatively safe country to visit, so we’re more talking about things like outdoor safety and driving.  As you love walking in the outdoors you are looking forward to the great countryside New Zealand has to offer but this is not without its risks.  Travelling in a guided hiking tour means your guide is aware and monitoring any potential hazards - good companies audited safety plans, trained guides and procedures to follow in an emergency.  Not having to drive will also add to your enjoyment, New Zealand roads are very scenic but also probably very different to what you are used to at home, on a guided tour you’re leaving it all to a pro.

5. You will learn a lot

If you are interested in learning about the destinations you visit then this is probably the top reason for joining a guided tour.  Throughout the day on hikes and in transit, your guide provides a commentary on all aspects of New Zealand - ecology, history, geography, society, economy, etc.  In the evenings or at any other time, he or she is available to answer your questions, even slightly random ones!

So if you’re looking for a real outdoor travel experience, including New Zealand’s best walks and memorable activities, in a small group tour setting with all the comforts of home then please take a look at our New Zealand Tour options and get in touch!

Happy travels!

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