6 New Zealand experiences you'll only get in a bus

However you decide to travel around New Zealand, you'll love its beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Here are a few benefits of choosing to go by bus.

1. Sitting back, relaxing and seeing the sights

New Zealand is often praised for its beautiful scenery. It seems like around every bend in the road, more picturesque views await.  You could drive yourself and spend your time checking the sat nav, remembering the New Zealand road rules and worrying about how much petrol you have left… or you could leave the driving to the professionals and actually see the sights as you travel!

Step on board, settle into your seat and see the sights from up above. Those big bus windows are great for taking photos as the world flashes by – or if you want, you can take a nap. It’s up to you!

2. Learning as you travel

Bus drivers tend to know a lot about the routes they drive. If you’re lucky they might share some stories and local history, or even sing you a song!

3. Staying connected

If you travel with InterCity you can enjoy free wifi on board to help you stay in touch with family and friends around the world (and post pictures to make them jealous). We don’t recommend you try browsing Facebook or Instagram while driving.

4. Meeting the locals

People from all walks of life take the bus, giving you a chance to meet locals instead of just other backpackers. New Zealanders love talking about their country so you’ll probably end up learning some local secrets along the way.

5. Having room for your luggage

Forget cramming your belongings into the back of your car and squishing your way into your seat, wedged between your snorkelling gear and your sleeping bag. On InterCity you can bring plenty of bags, leave them securely in the luggage compartment and cruise along in comfort with just your carry-on.

6. Seeing small town New Zealand

For an authentic Kiwi experience you need to spend some time in the smaller towns. InterCity connects more than 600 towns, cities and communities around New Zealand. Go off the beaten track a bit and see what Kiwi life is really like.

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