6 Tips For a Safe and Enjoyable Trip to New Zealand

6 exclusive tips for new travellers, trying to explore New Zealand

Hanging in the corner of the world is the incredibly amazing destination of New Zealand. Splendid with nature and adventure, the country is immensely popular amidst tourists and backpackers. The wilderness, scenic landscapes, and the rolling hills are a few of the factors that attract people, but what makes the country simple irresistible is, it is highly affordable! So, if you are one of those people who is planning a trip to New Zealand, here are 6 tips for a safe and an enjoyable trip.

1. Be prepared for the weather

The ideal time for you to visit New Zealand depends on the activities that you are interested in. March-May (Autumn) & September - November (Spring) is for those who are not interested in spending so much but still want to explore New Zealand. During this season, the queues are shorter and are great for adventure activities. June - August (Winter) suits the snow enthusiasts. So, you can go skiing and glacier hiking. December - February (Summer) is the high season in New Zealand. The country is abuzz with festivals and the weather is just perfect.

While these are the designated seasons, the weather in New Zealand can be really tricky. The conditions can change from sunny to rainy in quick time and it can hugely affect your travel plans.

2. Plan your accommodation

As New Zealand is a popular backpacking destination, the accommodations are more likely to be sold out during the high season. In case you are planning to visit New Zealand during the summer, ensure that you book your accommodation well in advance. In general, hostels seem to be a cheaper option than hostels.

3. Get your travel insurance

While planning a trip to New Zealand, most people overlook the importance of a travel insurance. What if you fall sick while you are travelling? What if you lose your luggage? There are a whole lot of other possibilities and a travel insurance will definitely come to your aid at the unlikeliest of moments. Travel insurance can be purchased online with a lot of agents offering added benefits. But ensure, you read all the clauses to understand what is covered and what is not.

4. Understand the road rules

Given the terrain of New Zealand, it is best explored through road. Hiring a car or a campervan immediately as you land in New Zealand has become a kind of instinctive thing to do. As the road is going to be your go-to way of getting around New Zealand, it is very important to learn the road rules. Here are a few - the drive in New Zealand is on the left side, the roads are generally narrower than usual, irrespective of where you are sitting in the car you have to wear a seatbelt, and as usual, it is a crime to drink & drive. Ensure that you get accommodated to all the road rules before you start your road exploration.

5. Learn the etiquettes

Like any other country, New Zealand also has a set of etiquettes that you need to follow. Few of the major ones are as follows. When you meet a New Zealander for the first time, ensure you greet them with the term 'Kia Ora' and a handshake while maintaining eye contact. If you are being invited over to someone's house make sure you get flowers, wine, or beer. Get used to the Maori culture and their 'Hongi' greeting.

6. Beware of strangers

So, you are in New Zealand all alone and you don't have any other way rather than approaching a stranger. There is no reason that you have to avoid all the strangers since New Zealand is considered friendly destinations. But, ensure that you don't fall for any tricks. Always be wary of who you are talking to.

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