8 Great reasons to camp in New Zealand

There are plenty of accommodation choices to suit all tastes but here's a few great reasons to camp on your trip around New Zealand.

1.) The best way to experience the landscape

New Zealand is an outdoor paradise and there is no better way to immerse yourself in it than camping.  With an excellent variety of camps in stunning locations you get access to views and locations other accommodation options just can't match! 

2.) Excellent sites, plenty of choice and great facilities

Kiwis love to camp just as much as those visiting from foreign shores.  The country is therefore set up with an excellent range of well-run and well provisioned campsites - from family run parks to remote department of conservation campsites we have spent 30 years researching and revisiting the best sites in the country.

3.) There are no creepy crawlies

Whilst camping in some countries might hold the prospect of unwanted visitors in your tent New Zealand is free from dangerous animals.  Whilst you might be woken by birdsong or hear the distant bleating of sheep you can enjoy a good nights rest knowing that we get little more than a few noisy sheep in NZ!

4.) Enjoy some of the best night skies in the World

One of the best parts of any camping experience is lying out under the vast night skies.  As one of the best spots in the World for star gazing NZ is the perfect place to get away from the towns and light pollution to enjoy some of the clearest stars you'll ever see.

5.) Camping is good for you

It's well documented that spending more time outdoors helps you emotional, physical and mental health.  Relaxing and enjoying the simple pleasures of natural beauty, great company (and a few cheeky wines) is the perfect recipe for a holiday that will leave you refreshed.

6.) A real chance to get off the beaten track

Getting away from the towns and cities and away from smartphones, computer and other electronics ensures you just sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings.  Our carefully selected campsites are never as busy as the towns, hotels and hostels and give you the space to absorb the best of this amazing country.  Wake up to ocean views, sleep to the sound of the ocean and watch the sunset over the snow-capped mountains - sounds good doesn't it?

7.) It saves you money

Camping saves you money vs. staying in crowded hostel dorms or hotels.  Use that money to enjoy more activities, more food, more wine or just save it for your next trip.  Our trips work out around $NZ40 per day cheaper than alternative hostel based tours but we include even more meals - even if you decide to upgrade to cabins you'll still save money.

8.) You can easily upgrade

Whilst our trips focus on camping we appreciate that sometimes its nice to treat yourself to a bit of rural luxury.  That's why we offer upgrades to cabins most nights + the chance to stay in centrally located hostels when we visit the larger cities.  It's the perfect compromise for those who don't want to camp every night but love the idea of experiencing more of the outdoors.


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