8 great reasons to visit Christchurch

Christchurch is recovering from devastating earthquakes, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't visit. Read on for some great reasons to visit Christchurch.

Travelling to New Zealand would not be complete without a visit to the South Island's biggest city - Christchurch. Despite being shaken by devastating earthquakes a few years ago, the city is well worth a visit with planty to see and do. Here are a few must-see sights around Christchurch.

Botanic Gardens

Christchurch is known as the Garden City and for good reason. The botanic gardens here are beautiful! It's a great place to visit if you are looking for a place to relax for a few hours during a sunny day!

Canterbury Museum

Want to know more about the history of Christchurch and Canterbury? Then the Canterbury Museum is the place to go! There are plenty of interesting exhibits here detailing the history of the city and region. A must visit if you are a history geek!

Cardboard Cathedral

Yes, there is a cathedral made out of cardboard in Christchurch! It is a temporary installation, while the old cathedral is damaged. This is truly a unique place to visit, and it is a testament to the ingenuity of the kiwis.

Container Mall

The Container Mall -Re:Start - replaced the old Cashel Mall, which was destroyed by the earthquakes. In its place is a mall consiting entirely of shops in shipping containers! This is another testament to the resolve of the people in Christchurch, and it is truly a unique place to visit!

Godley Head

Godley Head is located outside of the city limits, but is an interesting place to visit. It is an old army base and still has the batter installations intact. There are some great views to be had here, and it is a great palce to spend a day exploring!

International Antarctic Centre

Christchurch has a long history with Antarctic exploration and its home to the International Antarctic Centre. If you want to know more about the Antarctic and what life is like there, then this is the palce to go! A great place to go if you are with your family in Christchurch!

Lyttleton Bay

Lyttelton Bay is one of the most picturesque spots in all of Christchurch. Although the city suffered badly from the earthquakes it is recovering and is definitely worth a visit. There are some incredible views overlooking the bay, especially from atop the Gondola. You are missing out if you don't visit here!


Sumner is possibly the prettiest suburb in Christchurch. There are amazing views of the coastline around every corner and great beaches such as Taylor's Mistake too! There are plenty of great cafes and restuarants here, so it's a great place to spend a day relaxing and admiring the beautiful views!