8 Ways to 'Get to the Top' at Cardrona

Whether you're trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time, or you're ready to head to the summit, Cardrona has the ride for you.

Cardrona has eight lifts and conveyors that cater for the youngest, smallest and newest skiers and snowboarders, through to the most advanced Olympic athletes. If you're ready take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level, here is how to get there!

1. Under 5s Conveyor, aka ‘Frank’

The neat thing about this conveyor is that it’s exclusively for our littlest learner skiers and snowboarders. With its easy on and off ramps and mellow slope, it’s the perfect way for your child to experience snow sliding for the first time.

TOP TIP:  If your child can walk, they are experienced enough to get on and off this ‘magic carpet’!

2. The new Learner Conveyor

New for the 2015 season, this mid-sized conveyor runs alongside the existing Learner Conveyor and travels halfway up the Beginner’s Slope. This is a great stepping stone for your young child transitioning from the Under 5s conveyor, or if you’re making first turns and you’re not quite ready for the full run down the Beginner’s Slope. 

TOP TIP: If you're legs are starting to feel tired and you're not up to a full run, jump on this conveyor!

3. The Learner Conveyor, aka ‘Grant’

This surface lift is the largest of the three conveyors and travels up the full length of the Beginner’s Slope. It’s long enough to allow the more adventurous beginners to link together a few turns, yet it’s super user-friendly.

TOP TIP: As you’re riding the conveyor, look uphill and you will see the giant 22ft Olympic Superpipe (and probably some Olympic athletes doing their tricks!).

4. McDougall’s Quad

McDougall’s is Cardrona’s longest running and most famous lift! When you’re ready to graduate from the Beginner’s Area and take on the ‘big mountain’, this is the way to go.  The nice easy on and off ramps, and the friendly lifties will help set you up for success.

TOP TIP: The staff will slow down the lift for your first descent if requested (especially if you offer them chocolate!).

5. Whitestar Express Quad

Whitestar is a speed demon! It will transport you 328 vertical metres in under 5 minutes. It’s perfect for park rats doing laps in Stag Lane, ski racers working the gates, or when you want to carve up the groomers!

TOP TIP: Whitestar is best lift for winter athlete star-spotting as it travels over the super-sized Big Bucks terrain park.

6. Captain’s Express Quad

The Captain’s high speed lift sits in its own basin with its own café.  Whether you’re cruising the wide open groomers or dropping into Secret Chute, the Captains Quad will have you back up to the top of the mountain in 4 minutes or less!

TOP TIP: Be sure to grab a slice of pizza or espresso coffee from Captain’s Café when you’re there!

7. Valley View Quad

Valley View is Cardrona’s best kept secret! When it opened three years ago, it not only increased Cardrona’s vertical rise to 600m, it also opened up a lot of new on and off-piste terrain, and a whole new parking area. Given its lower elevation and position, the Valley View basin catches lots of sun and is noticeably warmer and more sheltered.

TOP TIP: If you don’t need to visit the ticket office for lift passes, park at the Valley View carpark and save almost 10 minutes of drive time!

8. The Wells’ Pipe Platter

Named after Wanaka’s most famous freeskiers, Jossi, Byron, Beau James and Jackson Wells, this poma-tow style surface lift runs directly up the side of the 22ft Olympic Halfpipe.  With a 4 minute run time, it is ideal for athletes wanting to do multiple training runs, up to 12 an hour.

TOP TIP: The Olympic Halfpipe is the only 22ft halfpipe in the Southern Hemisphere and you may see the World’s best halfpipe riders and teams training there.

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