9 Mates, 1 Plane Skydiving in Queenstown

The Cessna Supervan 900 - The only plane of its kind in New Zealand.
More mates in 1 plane than ever before.
Tandem Skydive should be shared TOGETHER!

As the world moves closer TOGETHER through new Technologies and Social Media its clear people want to SHARE their world with those close to them.

Experiences are no different - and when it comes to the Experience of Fear, there is no greater bond that can be formed with a family member or mate than jumping out a plane TOGETHER.

NZONE Skydive's New Cessna Supervan 900 allows upto 9 Tandem Passengers in the same plane to experience the joys of Freefall ......... TOGETHER

For Images & Video - check out :

To Book your Tandem Skydive TOGETHER  with your mates and ensure you ALL end up in the same plane go to www.nzoneskydive.co.nz or call 0800 376 796.

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