A Family Day Out in Rotorua

Take a look at these top tips for families looking to enjoy a great day together in Rotorua.

Looking for a great family day out in Rotorua? Here are some of our top tips for families looking to enjoy a great day together during their time in Rotorua.

Agrodome Sheep Show

The Agrodome sheep show is an exciting, fun-filled hour of family entertainment. During the show, you’ll be meet 19 breeds of sheep, watch a live sheep shearing display and a live dog trial. There is also the chance for the audience to feed the lambs, hand milk a cow or bid in the live sheep auction. After the show is over, head over to The Mill where you can get an insight into the history of the New Zealand wool industry or take a guided tour around Agrodome farm.

Velocity Valley Adventure Park

Velocity Valley is the ultimate adventure playground for the thrill-seeking families. The park features five activities that are sure to set your heart racing:

• Agrojet – this is a Ferrari on water, you are launched to 100kph (60 mph) in the blink of an eye, get hit with 3Gs of force through the hairpin turns and finish off with a spectacular 360 spin.
• The Swoop – you and up to two others strap into a body swing, get winched up to 40 metres, pull the cord and go flying through the air at up to 130kph.
• The Shweeb - a world first right here in Rotorua, this is a pedal-powered 200m monorail racetrack, three laps of racing against the clock decides the winner. Those that are really keen might want to take on the world record for the $1000 prize money.
• Freefall Xtreme – here us your chance to be super hero, this is skydiving without the plane but with a much longer freefall than what is experienced during a tradition skydive.
• Rotorua Bungy – the ultimate leap of faith from 43 metres above the group, here is your chance to tick off bungy jumping from your bucket list.

At Velocity Valley  you only pay for the activities you want to do so any members of the family who might want to relax and watch the action are welcome too.


A 1.4km intricate hedge maze provides affordable family fun. The objective is to navigate the paths to the centre of the maze, choosing which openings in the hedge to take and which to by-pass while avoiding permanent blocks. If you reach a block you need to re-trace your steps and try another opening. In addition to the maze, aMAZEme also has butterfly and small animal enclosures that are always a delight for children.

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