A Paradise Proposal! Love is in the air (literally)!!

It was like a scene out of a Romantic Movie, she was flying down from the skies, he was down on his knee on the ground, she landed and voila! She said Yes!

The email inbox showed one new message received. The title read 'Marriage Proposal in Paradise'.

Thrilled by seeing this the Skydive Paradise crew quickly opened the email. To the crews delight a lovely gentleman by the name Siong requested our assistance to help him create the best day for him and his better half.

His better half, Li Choo, had made a booking with her best friend to come and experience the thrill of a lifetime. Li Choo was completely unaware that her boyfriend was not busy doing another activity but planning how he could give her the best surprise ever!

On the day, things happened just like they would in the movies, Siong had driven in the wrong direction and could not make it on time at the Drop Zone. The crew insctructed the girls needed to wait for another departure as the other guests had to leave early, buying some time. The girls had no complaints as they were happy midst the stunning setting of Paradise!

It was time, the girls had to board the plane for their skydive over paradise. As the plane took off a car drove through the gates in James Bond style, driving as fast as possible toward the Skydive Paradise dropzone.

The car parked and out jumped a very out of breath Siong. The crew assured him it was all under control.
Siong was well prepared with a banner that read 'Will You Marry Me' and had also brought along a professional photographer for this auspicious occasion.

As the freefall ended and the canopy opened she looked down and saw the smile! The Crew, other guests and some bystanders waiting for a scenic flight with Heli Glenorchy and Glenorchy Air all stopped in their stride.

Just as Li Choo landed, Siong proposed. With tears of happiness and maybe a little adrenaline, they kissed and Siong lept with joy!

It was pure magic!

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