A Taste of the Milford Track

There are few locations in the world that can rival the sheer natural beauty and grandeur of Fiordland.

Undoubtedly one of the World's Greatest Walks, the Milford Track takes you on an unforgettable journey through this remote paradise, showcasing the pristine landscape in all its colour and glory. Those seeking a taste of the spectacular scenery on the Milford Track do not necessarily need to take on the four-day epic. Create your own perfect Milford experience with a boat cruise, a night in beautiful accommodation followed by a morning hiking along one of the most spectacular parts of the Milford Track. 

A unique, never-ending wilderness

In the early 1880s, the historic and world famous Milford Track allowed hikers to opportunity to explore a beautifully wild and natural place. Today, the track is better than ever - the well formed trails and comfortable huts are maintained to a very high standard and visitor numbers are managed to retain an unspoiled and un-crowded environment.

Spanning 53.5km of scenic wonderland from Glade Wharf to the azure waters of Milford Sound, the track reveals endless diversity. Walkers discover a landscape where majestic waterfalls descend into deep ice carved valleys and mighty rivers flow through enchanting forests and soaring mountains. The landscape is punctuated by ferns, beech, mosses and lichens in the lowlands and, up above, golden expanses of high country tussock and alpine herbs abound. Wildlife thrives here and the melodic song of native bird species echoes among the trees.

A taste of everything Milford

For those unable to make time or feet across the entire distance of the Milford Track, there are some excellent options that allow you to experience the grandeur of the area in just a fraction of the time. A half day guided walk incorporates a boat ride to Sandfly Point – the end of the Milford Track – followed by a 3.5hour return hike up the track to the incredible Giant Gate Falls. For an easy start to the day and a hearty breakfast, staying at Milford Lodge – located in the heart of Milford Sound - the night before is highly recommended.

To complete your Milford Sound experience, consider taking an afternoon boat cruise the day before your hiking adventure. Combining a boat cruise on the still waters of Milford Sound with a night in Milford Lodge and a half day hike on the Milford Track is one of the best ways to truly make the most of this special place.

Our Milford Track Taster combines a two-hour boat cruise, a night at Milford Lodge and a half day hiking on the Milford Track in one incredible package. Find out more on our website, or get in touch with us directly.

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