Abel Tasman: A Park for All Seasons

When is the best time to visit Abel Tasman National Park? With mild temperatures year-round, the answer is: anytime.

Along the Abel Tasman Coast, average temperatures vary by only 10 degrees Celsius (50F) and days with rain are evenly distributed throughout the year. We enjoy the highest number of sunshine hours, year-round, and most trees are evergreen so the forest is colourful in all seasons.

Average Daily Maximum Temperatures:
Spring (Sept/Oct/Nov) 17C (63F)
Summer (Dec/Jan/Feb) 22C (72F)
Autumn (Mar/Apr/May)  18C (64F)
Winter (June/July/Aug) 13C (55F)

Average Daily Minimum Temperatures:
Spring (Sept/Oct/Nov) 7C (45F)
Summer (Dec/Jan/Feb) 13C (55F)
Autumn (Mar/Apr/May)  8C (46F)
Winter (June/July/Aug) 3C (37F)


Springtime in the Abel Tasman is the best time to look for wild flowers and listen to the birdsong as the forest comes alive with new growth.

Summer is the time when sheltered, crystal-clear waters invite you for a swim. Sea breezes keep temperatures comfortable for walking. Traditional summer holiday times are buzzing with travellers of all ages and nationalities.

Autumn is our favourite time as sea breezes die down, so temperatures are mild and seas glassy. Wildlife is more active as birds and seals build up their reserves for the winter.

Winter in the Nelson region is more like a mild summer in other parts of the world. With no heat haze to soften the panoramic views, or sea breeze to ruffle the crystal waters, this is the best time for photography in the National Park.

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